Cher Krause Knight

Cher Krause Knight is Professor of Art History at Emerson College. She has published
multiple books and articles on public art including: Museums and Public Art? (co-edited
with Harriet F. Senie; 2018, Cambridge Scholars Publishing); A Companion to Public
Art (co-edited with Senie; hardcover 2016/paperback 2020, Wiley Blackwell); and Public
Art: Theory, Practice and Populism (2008, Blackwell Publishing). Dr. Knight is cofounder
of the international organization Public Art Dialogue. She is also the founding
co-editor of the journal Public Art Dialogue (Routledge/Taylor & Francis), and now
serves on its editorial board. Additionally Knight is on the advisory board of the
nonprofit organization Now + There, and has served as the Memorial/Public Art
Research Advisor for the One Boston Resilience Project (City of Boston), as well as the
Public Art Scholar for the King Memorial in Boston (City of Boston and the nonprofit
King Boston).